In loving Memory Pet Lovers Dog Memorial Candle Kit



Losing a pet is often the hardest part of sharing our lives with one. After the shared joy and unconditional love, the passing of a dog, cat, or other pet can leave an owner feeling empty and alone. Sometimes the bond we have with our pets and the immense value they add to our lives is underestimated. Often we feel our bereavement is not taken as seriously as other losses in life.

The Luxepets Remembrance Kit is a gift specially designed to address the needs of the grieving pet owner and provide a loving gift of support and caring for someone close to you?.a gentle way to help them heal and keep their pet?s spirit close to their heart, always and forever.

This remembrance kit contains the following:

Keepsake sachet Made of iridescent satin with a lovingly hand-embroidered floral pattern, this keepsake bag provides a safe resting place for a collar, ID tag, small toy and other precious mementos.
Healing memorial candle blessing for dog owner
Light this comforting candle made of pure essential oils in remembrance of your pet. Hand poured and scented gently with healing lavender and tangerine, this soothing candle is graced with a pet blessing.

Companion remembrance cards This set of 3 note cards is a meaningful part to the healing process and serves as a record of some of your pet’s favorite things. Keep one in remembrance and share the rest with those closest to you.

Remembrance gift enclosure card A simple heartfelt card expresses thoughts in a loving way.

Keepsake photo frame. Printed on high quality card stock, this memorial photo frame holds up to a 3×3 photo of your pet.

Weight 12 oz
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