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When I began creating products to celebrate the bond between people and pets 10 years ago, pet loss support was always in the background, helping grieving pet parents by applying love to places that hurt within us when we are struggling over the loss of our pet.

In 2006, we created our first pet memorial product. Since then, I’ve served as a “human bridge” between pet parents and their pets. With 110% of my heart, I bring intuition, acknowledgment, validation, compassion and a practical perspective to pet loss after receiving heartbreaking news about a furry family member.

Different ways I work:

If your pet is sick, it is my hearts desire that through our work together, you will shift from feeling helpless to a perspective of learning, honoring and strengthening and empowerment. Sometimes, we get caught up in the potential loss that we miss the precious moments in front of us.

If you are close to having to make a life-changing decision about your pet’s health, this can change the end of life/euthanasia experience so that it is more peaceful and honoring of the good-bye.

If you’ve said good-bye to your pet, I bring forward an opportunity for you to show up for YOU as much as you have for your pet. Our pets are our greatest teachers. They are here to help us heal from our darkness, by asking us to take care of ourselves in the way we have taken care of them.

Where I work:

If you live in Los Angeles, we can meet in person at a park, a beach, the mountains. Somewhere in nature where we can let the moments of city life go…and connect to our core of who we are when we are with our pets. If you live outside of Los Angeles, we connect via Skype or phone.


I believe loss is not just about life and death, it is about every disappointment we hold onto.


Sometimes, we bring unfinished business into the relationships and even the goodbyes with our pets. We judge, second guess, wonder if we’ve done everything we could.  Loss keeps us stuck and prevents us from being and having all the things we want in life with this guessing game.

We push grief away to only have it come back even bigger and louder.


It’s my mission to zero in on unresolved grief and help you clear it, whether to make room for more creativity or more joy. I am here to help you uncover the life you were truly meant to live, especially now if you are finding yourself without your beloved animal companion.

This work is by invitation only. Call 310-314-9837 to schedule a 30 minute complimentary session to see if we are a good fit.

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