Introducing Healing Hearts and Paws,

a Self-guided Pet Loss Support Program illuminating love

and healing  to grieving pet owners in the privacy

of their own home.

I created this series for all of the pet lovers who’ve called over the years seeking pet loss support. For some, the heartache they were feeling was new. For others, it had been years, and they were still missing their beloved pet. The number one challenge I heard from grieving pet owners was how to cope with the pain they felt. They had the desire to wipe out the pain but didn’t know how.

Some grieving pet owners shared that they wished there was a pet loss support group in their area. Others were unable to now get help for themselves due to the mounting debt from veterinary bills accumulated while trying to save their pet. And there were those who were too foggy to decipher where they were in their grief process.

I’ve taken some of the most successful tools I use in my life transition coaching practice and translated it into a practical journey of discovery for pet lovers experiencing loss. Healing Hearts and Paws, lessons in healing pet loss is delivered via 4 modules over the span of one month.

Each lesson begins with a daily thought/affirmation. The affirmation is followed by a topic of the day that honors the love you have for your pet. There will be inspired action step following each topic. 

Each section has a written instruction as well as audio versions of guided meditations so you can use which ever way you learn best. The audio link will be located in the membership area along with the written lesson.

You have lifetime access to the course for as long as it is offered. Extensive studies show that it takes 21 days for the brain to create new habits. This series is meant to be as organic and spontaneous as your love for your pet. This is a self paced course. 

To find out more information, please visit:

If you are a veterinary clinic, funeral profession, retail outlet, contact us to learn how you can bring this into your organization.

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