Dogs anyone? Five relaxing things to do with you pet this summer


Summer is a good time to relax and zen out. The days are longer, nights warmer and calmer. I love zoning out and relaxing with my pets after a long week. Below are 5 ideas for zen and relaxation.

  1. Doga! Love yoga? Here’s another way to bond with your four-legged friend. Chances are, they are already a pro at downward dog but there are many hatha yoga or yin yoga poses you can modify to connect and spend time together.  Being mindful has many benefits! Here are 4 poses you can begin with. 
  2. Pet massage. Just like us, our pets are sensitive beings, taking on stressors of everyday life. You don’t need to book a professional masseuse for them, there are simple massages you can learn to do yourself, right in the comforts of your own home. This is especially awesome for senior pets. Modern Dog’s DIY tips is a great start if you are wanting some guidance.  Now if only we can teach them to return the favor:).
  3. Water sports. SUP, Stand up paddle board is a great way to exercise and get some zen time in. If you are worried your pup may slip, there are pads you can put on your board to keep their paws steady.
  4. Pet aromatherapy. I am a huge fan of essential oils. The benefits are endless and too many to list here, but did you know it is also great for pets? We have clearing sage candle burning at the office to cleanse and purify. While I love to experiment with my own scents in the purifier, I leave the mixing for my pets to the experts. Green hope essences is an amazing company with a wide range of products for all of your pets needs.
  5. Mutt meditation. Animals are drawn to energy. Often when I meditate, they come and join me by curling up in my lap. It’s not surprising, as they love the calming vibration. You can also do a walking meditation with your pet. shows you how to be a pro at it. Join them here.

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