3 cool down tips for your pups this summer

frozen treats for petsSummer is here in Sunny Los Angeles and it is HOT! When we went for our morning stroll at 6am, the sidewalk was already starting to heat up.

This weather can be lethargic for humans and animals alike. Our office mascots are trying to stay cool with air conditioning, lounging on their favorite beds.

Below are 3 of our favorite cool down tips:

  1. Bone broth cubes: Yes, this bone broth craze has gone to the dogs too:) I love combing my love of all things healthy and my love for the animals. Make a batch this amazing healing broth for you AND your pups. Simply pour a few cups into ice cube trays and freeze. Nutritious and so good for both of you. Even though it’s summer, I regularly make a batch for myself. You can get the recipe here  from our friends at Santa Monica Healing Arts. Part 2--> Now you can turn it into frozen treat cubes: Ha, the fun is just beginning here with all of the things you can now put INTO the ice cube trays along with the broth. Chunks of your dog’s favorite fruits like apples or blueberries is just the beginning.
  2. Water play: If you have a backyard, you can get a kiddie pool and fill with a few inches of water so they can frolic and cool down their coats. Even if you don’t have a yard, you can help cool them down by soaking a bandanna and then freezing it and wrapping it around your dog’s neck as a cooling cloth. I also soak very small various chew toys and freeze them for hours of gnawing fun.
  3. Cooling mats: If you are in an urban area or an apartment, consider a cooling pad for your pet. It’s a great way to stay cool. We found this one on amazon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these warm weather tips. Stay cool and stay safe!

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